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Raggedstone1 is a low-cost Spartan3 FPGA based PCI development board made by Enterpoint Ltd.
Here is the product page:

A colleague and I have the board working using the pci32tlite_oc core from

I have written an example linux driver for it that can set hexadecimal numbers to the board's 7segment display.

Linux Kernel Driver

Download: rs1linuxdriver.tar.gz
Compilation/Installation/Usage: here.

VHDL/Verilog HDL Code/Bitstreams

Version 0.0.1

Archive contains VHDL Code, ISE Webpack 7.1i Project, bit file, prom file.
Download here: rs1_7seg_pci-0.0.1.tar.gz

Note: Most Win* archivers should be able to handle .tar.gz files.
If you don't have one, check out the free 7-zip

After unpacking the archive, start Xilinx ISE Webpack (Version 7.1, 8.1 should also work), and open the ISE Project file via FileOpen Project.
Point it to rs1pcidemo.ise in subdirectory rs1_7seg+pci-0.0.1/project/rs1pcidemo.

The supplied PROM file pci_7seg.mcs can be programmed directly into the XCF02S Prom onboard the Raggedstone1.

I tested the code in two computers:

  1. an old P75 with a PCI/ISA riser card. It didn't work there, the computer wouldn't even boot.
  2. an PIII 700 with an i810 chipset. It works without problems :-D

Oh, BTW, the board is currently using a PCI Vendor ID from Altera. We haven't changed it yet since we downloaded the core from

Under Linux, the board can be identified by looking at /proc/pci:

Bus  1, device  10, function  0:
  Bridge: PCI device 1172:0100 (Altera Corporation) (rev 130).
    IRQ 9.
    Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xd4000000 [0xd5ffffff].


I'd appreciate feedback…
You can contact me via email, my address can be found here: WhoAmI

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