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The THVP (Trivial High Voltage Programmer), designed by Byron A. Jeff, is a PIC programmer for the Parallel Port. It is similar to other Tait-style parallel port programmers. Byron's THVP page can be found here:

I had been using my first one (built on a veroboard) for a few years, but wanted some real PCBs. So I started eagle ( and layouted the schematic as a single-sided board that would be cheap to have made at a board house.

My THVP board already incorporates the “long cable termination scheme”. Since I designed the board to be used for ICSP (Microchip's name for in-circuit programming), I also designed a companion board (ICSP2DIP) where at least the 16,18,28,40pin DIP packaged PICs can be plugged in if your circuits don't have ICSP capability. (Well, I copied the schematic from Olimex's PG2C, but the layout is my own)

Here's how they look:

:thvp.jpg :icsp2dip.jpg

Construction Tutorial


Here are the files in eagle format, gerber, and postscript:

Eagle Format

Gerber Format

Postscript Format

Software Support

I'm using Pikdev's commandline programming utility pkp with the THVP. Here's my .pkprc


More Info

There's at least one thread about the THVP in my PHCC Forum:

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