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Yakumo Hypersound Car

I bought this car mp3 (MP3-CD/MMC/SD/USB/radio) player during summer of 2005. It was relatively cheap, and most importantly, it had a SD/MMC card slot.

Yakumo has a German-speaking support forum here:

This car radio was also sold in a near-identical version by Aldi-Sued in Germany under the name “Tevion …???” but without a remote control.

It has the ability to record from radio/line in/CD/… and encode to MP3 in real-time. (Nice for recording from radio).

It appears that there's one bug, namely that the CD drive sometimes stops reacting. When this happens, it wont accept/eject/play CDs. When this happens, pressing the reset button brings it back to life, but of course the radio station memory keys loose their information…

Whats Inside?

Here are some misc stuff I found out about the unit:


While taking it apart, I took lots of pictures:
(I also put it back together, and it still works 8-) )

Where to Buy

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