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The CAN/PCI-200 is a passive PCI CAN Controller made by ESD Electronic (esd electronic system design gmbh).

This driver is currently only available as a patch against lincan 0.3.3. Lincan is part of the OCERA Project (Open Components for Embedded Real-time Applications). It can be built without the other OCERA components. The lincan drivers can be used under RT-Linux and plain Linux.


Building it:

(plain Linux, without the rest of the OCERA stuff):

 tar -xzf lincan-0.3.3.tar.gz
 cd lincan-0.3.3
 patch -p1 < ../lincan033_esdpci200_0.0.4.patch.txt
 sh ./switch-omk2std
 make SUPPORTED_CARDS="esdpci200 virtual"
 mknod -m666 /dev/can0 c 91 0
 mknod -m666 /dev/can1 c 91 1


 insmod ./can.o hw=esdpci200 io=0 irq= baudrate=10
 cd utils
 ./rxtx  # and answer the questions


  • the baudrate module option specifies the baudrate in kHz (kBaud). Common rates are 10kBaud to 1MBaud:
    • 10kBaud
    • 20kBaud
    • 40kBaud
    • 50kBaud
    • 80kBaud
    • 100kBaud
    • 125kBaud
    • 200kBaud
    • 250kBaud
    • 400kBaud
    • 500kBaud
    • 666kBaud
    • 800kBaud
    • 1MBaud
  • Don't forget to have the CAN bus terminated at both ends of the cable (usually 120 Ohms) between CAN_H and CAN_L.
    • the CAN/PCI-200 has provisions to add a termination resistor to the board (not factory installed by default)
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